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Get Your Lincoln Ready for the Winter Season!

As the winter season prepares to bear down on the greater Cleveland area, our team at Nick Mayer Lincoln is doing its part to get ready for the impending snow fall and freezing temperatures. While the snow has yet to fall in full force, it's always wise to have your Lincoln vehicle properly outfitted and serviced before the conditions take a sudden turn for the worse. Fortunately, we're here with a few quick ways to ensure your preparedness as December approaches:

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New 2017 Lincoln MKZ and Continental Headline in Luxury

Our showroom at Nick Mayer Lincoln is stocked full of our new 2017 models and there is no better time than these late summer days to come take a look at our inventory! The latest entry to the MKZ family of vehicles has already earned praise for its innovative take on luxury sedan, particularly for its new 400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine and a fuel-efficient hybrid with the same price as the base model. Meanwhile the upcoming 2017 Continental has our staff equally excited, appearing to be a very successful refresh to a model that has been away from…

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The Lincoln MKZ Offers Impressive Comfort and Style

If you're looking for a new luxury sedan with a unique style and a comfortable ride, then you might like the Lincoln MKZ. This vehicle has a well-crafted interior and a smooth ride for a great driving experience. You can learn more about this vehicle in the video below.

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Space Suited for a Celeb in the 2016 Lincoln Navigator

Actor Matthew McConaughey is known for his easy-going, laid back temperament. But as carefree as he may seem, he is a famous celebrity nonetheless, and we here at Nick Mayer Lincoln are sure Matthew has gotten more than a little used to the finer things in life.

So, it really should come as no surprise at all to see him behind the wheel of a luxury SUV such as the palatial 2016 Lincoln Navigator.

Afterall, the new Lincoln Navigator gives you the space--it's up to you to decide what you want to do with it. Visit our Westlake, OH…

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What crafted experience would you choose?

If you could choose between a theater experience in NYC, a spa retreat in Napa Valley, a visit to a ski resort in Aspen, personal styling in LA, a culinary experience in Chicago, or a stay at a golf resort in Pebble Beach, which would you pick?

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MKX Meets Jordan Marsh

As a Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up of sorts, we thought we'd write a post that marries two of our favorite things: food and the Lincoln MKX. The Lincoln team decided to put the new MKX through its paces via a road trip, and during that trip they made a mouth-watering stop at a Boston bakery called "Wholy Grain."

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The Lincoln MKX is Like Having a Personal Air Traffic Controller

The first key to safety is being aware of your surroundings. The more you can see, the more you can avoid obstacles, and predict where those obstacles may move to.

No one understands this like an air traffic controller.

When you drive any vehicle, but particularly a large crossover or SUV, you have blind spots; places where your rearview mirror and side mirrors don't see.

The "A" pillar may block crucial visual information to the front, and the sides and rear are always partially obscured by the car itself.

To feel 360-degrees of security, you need a clear, 360-degree…

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